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About Jaipur Indian

Jaipur Padiham, was founded in the year 2001. Since then, we have done many takeaway orders and because of demand, shops have been setup in 13 markets and more than 64,000 restaurants have been created to work with us. We have so many customers around the world who could be more than 14.2 million. Jaipur was later launched in UK in the year 2006 due to public demand. We have been the best online takeaway ordering service and we have created over 30,000 restaurants for the public to eat at. Additionally, we also do restaurant services whereby our customers visit our restaurant and dine with us. We offer spicy, hot, mild and creamy meat and vegetables that give the best Indian taste.

Jaipur Indian Restaurant

Our restaurant is located in Padiham where we have so many customers who enjoy our delicious Indian meals. We are located at 90 Burnley Road, Padiham BB12 8QN. If you need to enjoy the best Indian meals, Jaipur Padiham is the best place for you. All you need to do is visit us and eat with us. We have our app in Google play store which you can easily use to order for your takeaway food. The Google play store has made it easier for our customers to order the food they want and for deliveries to be made very fast. On the other hand, you can find our app in the app store whereby you can easily download it and use it right away. You can order food at the comfort of your home or office and have it delivered very fast. Download our app in Google play store or app store, order your food right away and because of our fast delivery services get to enjoy it at any place and any time of our opening hours

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